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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Reengineering of btqueue.sourceforge.net

If you have ever noticed the changing of http://btqueue.sourceforge.net/, this is the first sign of BTQueue"s next generation. Actually, BTQueue 0.0.19 has been internally used by alpha testers for a year suddenly after 0.0.18 had been released. Unfortunately, frozen problem could not be permanently solved yet. I still don"t know what part caused the problem.

So, I decided to migrate core code, integrated to BitTornado, to original BitTorrent by Bram Cohen. I don’t mean BitTornado causes frozen problem. In fact, it would be the core code bridging BTQueue and BitTornado itself. Rewrite this code could lead to unstable but it must be worth to try. Nobody knows, the new code may be perfect for all of us.

This is still the main blog for BTQueue. The homepage at sourceforge will keep the documentation of BTQueue in blog format for easily publishing and editing online.


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