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Monday, February 27, 2006

BTQueue 0.1.0 is available!

I’m very exciting to announce the release of BTQueue 0.1.0. After very so long waiting for a year, I have finished BTQueue 0.1.0 and hopefully it works well without the classical bugs, e.g., 100% utilization and freezing.

This version is kind of beta release. You can leave comments and report bugs to help me fix them all. My purpose is to develop BitTorrent client for production run in data center and co-location.

This is the new beginning of BTQueue. By upgrading to 0.1.0, you are able to:

  • Utilize DHT network compatible to Bram Cohen’s client and BitComet
  • Query IP location from updated database plus AS number (see ip2cc)
  • Change client identifier to Azureus, Bram Cohen’s client, or BitComet

Most of all, lots of bugs should be fixed during the update of the core. Can’t wait? Let’s go to the download section right now. Any bug reports or comments are welcome at http://www.howforge.com/forum.

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