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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Formatting table in BTQueue

BTQueue 0.0.18 allows all you to specify your own table layout very easy. Basically, BTQueue has 3 tables for displaying brief information of torrents, connected peers, and all possible peers. The last table of all peers is introduced in version 0.0.18 to help you to verify the tracker action. This post aims to give you an overview to modify these format to meet your need. First, you have to know the basic. A table consists of a set of columns. What you can do is to rearrange column order, hide some of them, justify alignment, and cut too long text. Technically, a column can be represent by its alignment, optional maximum length, and its column name in form cd,ssss or c,ssss. c represents alignment where l and r stands for left and right, respectively. d is an optional number to limit maximum length of this column. In case of a column is longer than the limit, it will be cut off. The next field, ssss, is the column name.
Torrent Table
idIdentification Number
titleTorrent name. Usually, the first file or directory
progressProgress in percentile
dlsizeDownloaded size
ulsizeUploaded size
totalsizeTotal size
etaEstimated remaining time
dlspeedDownload rate
ulspeedUpload rate
seedsNumber of seeders in bracket and number of connected seeders outside
peersNumber of leechers in bracket and number of connected leechers outside
ratioShared ratio
activityCurrent activity
Spew Table
ipIP address
rportRemote port
ccCountry code
directionConnect direction
uprateUpload rate
downlrateDownload rate
dtotalDownloaded size
utotalUploaded size
netnameNetwork name
Peer Table
ipIP address
rportRemote port
ccCountry code
netnameNetwork name


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